Bride’s Revenge (2023)

Bride’s Revenge (2023)


The two brothers of the Mu family get married on the same day. It’s a double fortune. However, the bride, Ye Qinglan, who marries the second Young Master, Mu Anhe, is the former lover of the first Young Master, Mu Ancheng. Old Madam Mu sees her as a jinx and constantly scolds and beats her. Moreover, Ye Qingqin, her cousin and now sister-in-law, kicks her when she is down. Even Zhixia, the personal maid of the Second Young Master, is rude to her. Ye Qinglan endures humiliation and torments just to stay by Mu Anhe’s side and repay him for his kindness. But unexpectedly, Mu Anhe is kidnapped and killed! Full of anger and hatred, Ye Qinglan vows revenge on Mu Ancheng and his two women. Even though the road ahead is treacherous, she will risk everything and take revenge step by step.

Other Name: 步步为陷

Released: Feb. 08, 2023





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