Best 100+ Cherokee Names for Girls for 2021

Many American indigenous cultures are disappearing because of American colonization. And it’s fading. But now finding the traditional names of Cherokee names of girls and their meanings will be a difficult task as well as an impossible task.

But we’ve come up with a lot of nicknames that can help you find a good and unique name. You can also refer to a member of the Cherokee tribe by these names.

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Cherokee Names for Girls

Cherokee names of girls translated into English letters that are often too long and too short. And they end up on the head. And unique baby names provide options and you can use those names for your newborn baby, but these names sound good in American culture.

Beautiful Cherokee Nature Names for Girls

Cherokee Names for Girls for animals, plants and other things that come from the natural side look even more beautiful and their meanings are even more beautiful. You can choose one of nature’s names for your little girl. Depending on how the girl looks or what she looks like.

  • Adsila: Blossom
  • Ama: Water
  • Amadahy: Forest water
  • Awinita: Fawn
  • Gola: Winter
  • Kamama: Butterfly
  • Noya: Sand
  • Salalai: Squirrel
  • Selu: Corn
  • Tayanita: Young beaver
  • Tsula: Fox
  • Walela: Hummingbird
  • Woya: Dove

Powerful Cherokee Names for Girls

Although the Cherokee were a married couple, it is difficult for them to find the Cherokee Names for Girls. There are some names that can empower your little girl from the beginning, enabling her to fight every challenge.

  • Ahyoka: She brought happiness
  • Atsila: Fire
  • Galilahi: Attractive
  • Nanye-hi: Unknown; Famous “beloved woman” Nancy Ward
  • Tsianina: Unknown meaning; famous singer
  • Adsila — ahd-SEE-lah — “blossom”
  • Agasga — ah-GAHS-gah — “rain”
  • Ahyoka — ah-YOH-kah — “She brought happiness”
  • Ama — AH-mah — “water”
  • Atsila — aht-SEE-lah — “fire”
  • Awinita — ah-wee-NEE-tah — “Fawn
  • Galilahi — GAH-lee-LAH-hee — “Attractive”
  • Gola — GOH-lah — “winter”
  • Inola — ee-NO-lah — “black fox”
  • Kamama — kah-MAH-mah — “butterfly”
  • Salali — sah-LAH-lee — “squirrel”
  • Tayanita — TAH-yah-NEE-tah — “young beaver”
  • Tsula — JOO-lah — “fox”
  • Unega — oo-NAY-gah — “white”
  • Woya — WOH-yah — “dove”
  • Yona — YOH-nah — “bear”
  • Ahuli — ah-HOO-lee — “drum”
  • Atohi — ah-TOH-hee — “woods”
  • Atsadi — aht-SAH-dee — “fish”
  • Diwali — dee-WAH-lee — “bowls”
  • Dustu — DOO-stoo — “spring frog”
  • Kanuna — kah-NOON-ah — “bullfrog”
  • Onacona — OH-nah-COH-nah — “white owl”
  • Sequoyah — say-KWOH-yah — “sparrow”
  • Tsiyi — JEE-yee — “canoe”
  • Unaduti — OO-nah-DOO-tee — “wooly head”
  • Waya — WAH-yah — “Wolf
  • Wesa — WAY-sah — “cat”
  • Wohali — woh-HAH-lee — “eagle”

50+ Cherokee Names for Girls with Meaning

Adohi m & f Cherokee
Means “woods, timber” in Cherokee. Ahneewakee f Cherokee
Amadahy ᎠᎹᏕᎯ f Cherokee
Means “forest water” from Cherokee a ma “water” and a do hi i na ge “forest” or a da “wood”.Amatha f Cherokee
Means “fish” in Cherokee. Cuhtahlatah f Cherokee
Means “wild hemp” in Cherokee. Deyani f Cherokee
Deyani means “successful” and “determined” in Cherokee. Euna f Cherokee
Cherokee for “falls the running waters” or “waterfall”Guwisti f Cherokee
Means “sifter, sieve” in Cherokee language.Nan-ye-hi f Cherokee
Nazshoni f Cherokee
Noya f Cherokee
Means “sand” in Cherokee language. Salali f Cherokee
It means “squirrel” in Cherokee. Sallali f & m Cherokee
Means “squirrel”, from the Cherokee sa lo li ‘squirrel’. Scatchwah f Cherokee
Meaning unknown. It may be related to the Cherokee wa ya “wolf, wolves”. Tanamara f & m Cherokee
Cherokee meaning “lonely wind”. Tayanita f Cherokee
Means “young beaver” in Cherokee. Trahlyta f Cherokee (?), New World Mythology (?), Folklore
The name of a legendary Cherokee princess .Tsianina f Creek (?), Cherokee (?)
Meaning unknown. A noted bearer is Tsianina Redfeather Blackstone (December 13, 1882 – January 10, 1985), a Creek/Cherokee singer and performer. Wahya m & f Cherokee
Means “wolf” in Cherokee. Walela f Cherokee (Rare)
From Cherokee wa le lua meaning “hummingbird”.Woya f Cherokee
Means “dove” in Cherokee. Ya’no m & f Cherokee

We hope you enjoy the extension. This list of girls’ names in Cherokee includes many worthy names that you can choose from. Words in Cherokee are repetitive, if you choose one of your daughter’s names that will be a source of Cherokee Names for Girls for you.

Unique Cherokee Girl Names with Meanings

1. Adisila

Adisila means ‘blossom’.

2. Agasga

Agasga means ‘rain’.

3. Ahyoka

This powerful baby girl’s name means ‘She brought happiness.’

4. Atsila

Atsila means ‘fire’ as per the Cherokee tribe.

5. Awinita

This Cherokee name means ‘fawn.’

6. Behita

Behita means ‘beginning of an event’ or ‘an eagle child.’

7. Catori

Catori means ‘spirit’.

8. Chenoa

Chenoa has variants in Chenoah, Chen, Chenoha, Chinoa, Chenowa, Noa and means ‘white dove’. Chenoa is a city in Illinois, and this name may have originated from a Cherokee word for the Kentucky River.

9. Citlali

This unisex name means ‘a star’.

10. Dyani

Diani, Dayani, Dyanni,  Dyannie, Dyanie, Dianni,  Dyani belong to the Sioux tribe and mean‘ deer.’

11. Enola

Enola means ‘magnolia’.

12. Fala

This uncommon name means ‘a crow’.

13. Galilahi

Galilahi means ‘attractive’ or ‘friendly.’

14. Ghigau

Ghigau refers to ‘beloved woman.’

15. Gola

Gola means ‘winter’.

16. Halona

Halona means ‘happy fortune.’

17. Hiawassee

Hiawassee means ‘meadow.’

18. Immokalee

Immokalee means ‘tumbling water.’

19. Inola

Inola means ‘black fox’.

20. Istas

Istas means ‘snow’ in Native American culture.

21. Kachina

Kachina means ‘spirit’.

22. Kamama

Kamama means ‘butterfly.’

23. Kasa

Kasa means ‘dressed in furs.’

24. Kimi

Kimi means ‘secret’.

25. Koko

Koko belongs to the Algonquin tribe and means ‘the night.’

26. Lomasi

Lomasi means ‘pretty flower’.

27. Lulu

Originating from the Apache tribe, this name means ‘rabbit.’

28. Mika

Originating from the Sioux tribe, this name means ‘raccoon.’

29. Mitena

Mitena means ‘coming moon.’

30. Moana

Originating from the Hawaiian tribe, Moana means ‘Calm waters’ and means ‘bitter’ as per the ‘Zuni’ tribe.

32. Nanye_hi

Nanye_hi means ‘heron’.

32. Ninovan

Ninovan means ‘our home.’

33. Noya

Noya means Sand

34. Odina

As per the Algonquin tribe, Odina means ‘mountain.’

35. Opa

Opa belongs to the Choctaw tribe and means ‘owl’.

36. Pavati

Pavati means ‘clear water’.

37. Pocahontas

This name from the Algonquin tribe means ‘playful one.’

38. Qaletaqa

This royal Cherokee name means ‘the guardian of the people.

39. Salalai

This cute-sounding name means ‘Squirrel.’

40. Selu

Selu means ‘Corn’.

41. Sequoia

Sequoia is a girl’s name of Cherokee origin meaning “sparrow.” The redwood tree was also named for a Cherokee Indian of the early 19th century who invented a system for writing down the Cherokee language.

42. Soyala

Soyala refers to ‘the time of the winter solstice.’

43. Tala

Belonging to the Iroquois tribe, this name means ‘wolf.’

44. Tayanita

Tayanita means ‘Young beaver.’

45. Tsistunagiska

This beautiful name means ‘wild rose.’

46. Tsula

Tsula is the Cherokee word for ‘Fox.’

47. Unega

Unega means ‘white’.

48. Walela

Walela means ‘Hummingbird.’

49. Winona

Belonging to the Sioux tribe, Winona means ‘the first daughter.’

50. Woya

Some interesting and powerful Cherokee Names for Girls that give rise to a lot of charm and beauty. Which will always be in style. So choose a name that will get better with age like a bottle of wine. Cherokee girls names can help you choose a name that can help this list up.

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